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Our multi-ply solid panels consist of multiple layers of bamboo, maintain the stability of the panels, provide it effectiveanti-bending protection.
Bamboo solid panel is ideal products to customizedfurniture and cabinetry. We offer the panelsvariousstyles and dimensions.

We offer two colors, Natural, Carbonized and Tiger.


       CHI-V001(Horizontal 1ply)                                 CHI-V002(Vertical 1ply)


       CHI-V003(Horizontal 3ply)                                 CHI-V004(Vertical 3ply)


         CHI-V005(Vertical 3ply )                                CHI-V006(Strandwoven 3ply)


         CHI-V007(Tiger 3ply)                                    CHI-V008(Strandwoven 3ply)


1,Bamboo materials,we offen offer 5mm,12mm,19mm,25mm,30mm,40mm.

The thickness range:3-60mm,the length can be 3000mm,the width 1250mm

2,Packing: PE or Carton.


The bamboo veneer is a fantastic decorative material that is used on walls, desks, furniture, cabinets.Bamboo Veneer Grain: Horizontal, Vertical.


       CHI-N001(Horizontal)                                         CHI-N002(Vertical)


      CHI-N003(Horizontal)                                           CHI-N004(Vertical)


1,Bamboo material.

2,2500 x 430 x 0.3 mm

2500 x 430 x 0.6 mm

2500 x 1250 x 0.3mm

2500 x 1250 x 0.6mm

3050 x 1250 x 0.6mm

3100 x 1250 x 0.6mm

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