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Bamboo Tiki Bar

To get a nice backyard entertainment,maybe tiki bar is good choice,generally the bar with tropic thatch roof and inside with bamboo plywood to escape rain and sun,there are many styles of bars and stools,so any units forcombination can chosed as guests'idea.

The bar also shipped by parts,not install ok,but we mark them with process number, easy for your install.To get the install process PDF,please email us.

Any color and painting availble.

          CHI-Y001                          CHI-Y002                                  CHI-Y003

              CHI-Y004                                 CHI-Y005                              CHI-Y006

       CHI-Y007                            CHI-Y008


The Tiki Bar will bemarkedeach sectionwithbar code , so thatit iseasytoidentify and match with the correspondence sections when assembly and installation.

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