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Bamboo Torch

Bamboo torches consist of a bamboo pole with a weaved basket at the top and a metal flame guard coated by fire retardant finish, which is a circular black piece that holds the cotton or fiberglass wick in place and attaches to the refillable fuel canister include snuffer cap .It is recommended to use citronella oil which is a natural insect repellent and also smells good.
We offer various styles of torches, and has 60cm,90cm,120cm,150cm,180cm and table torches.Make your choice of them.

CHI-T001                            CHI-T002                             CHI-T003                       CHI-T004

CHI-T005                              CHI-T006                   CHI-T007                        CHI-T008

CHI-T009                                            CHI-T010                 CHI-T011                        CHI-T012

CHI-T013                                           CHI-T013                 CHI-T014                CHI-T01


Materials: bamboo, metal oil can, cotton wick
1.Size:35/60/90/120/150/180cm length

2.Natural color or dyed color


4.Child safety cap tank

5.Made by processed bamboo stick and tank

6.Package:carton or display box

7.Inject kerosene into tank and emblazed.

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